Mausoleum Above Ground Burial

eternal preservation of your legacy

Our cemetery offers both above-ground burials and mausoleum interments with distinct benefits:

Preservation of Land: Families choose above-ground burials to conserve land. These elegant garden plots allow loved ones to rest in serene surroundings without impacting the earth.

Custom Memorials: Above-ground sites accommodate personalized headstones, statues, and benches. Families can create lasting tributes that reflect their unique stories.

Ease of Visitation: Visitors appreciate the accessibility of above-ground plots. No digging is required, making it easier for family members to pay their respects

Elegance and Dignity: Mausoleums are architectural marvels—beautiful structures that house individual crypts or niches. Families appreciate the dignified setting for their loved ones.

Secure Protection: Mausoleums shield remains from harsh weather conditions, ensuring preservation over time. Families find comfort in knowing their loved ones rest in a secure environment.

Community Legacy: Mausoleums often become community landmarks. They honor not only individual lives but also contribute to the area’s collective memory.

Perpetual Care: William Howard Day ensures perpetual care, preserving the beauty and dignity of each resting place.

At William Howard Day, we guide families through these options, allowing them to choose what resonates most with their values and preferences.