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43 Acres, offering a skyline view of the City of Harrisburg.

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Our vision is to stand as the foremost provider of cemetery planning, consistently delivering exceptional and personalized services. Whether you’re pre-planning your needs or planning for a loved one, our commitment is to work with you to achieve your goals with compassion and care at the forefront.

William Howard Day Memorial Gardens: A Timeless Tribute

Nestled amidst rolling hills and lush greenery, William Howard Day Memorial Gardens beckons with its serene beauty and unwavering commitment to honoring lives.

Why should families choose this sacred ground for their cherished departed?

Legacy of Compassion: William Howard Day has stood as a compassionate sanctuary for over a century, embracing grieving families with empathy and understanding. Our dedicated staff walks alongside you during your most tender moments, providing solace and support.
Meticulously Maintained Grounds: Every gravestone, every flower bed, and every pathway receives meticulous care. Our commitment to excellence extends to the landscape, ensuring a tranquil and dignified environment where memories flourish.
Historical Significance: Named after the renowned abolitionist and educator William Howard Day, our cemetery carries a rich legacy. Families find solace in knowing their loved ones rest in the company of history-makers and community builders.
Thoughtful Amenities: From serene reflection areas to memorial benches, we offer thoughtful amenities that invite contemplation and connection. Our commitment to creating a peaceful haven extends beyond burial plots.
Community-Centered Events: Throughout the year, we host memorial services, candlelight vigils, and remembrance gatherings. These events foster a sense of community, allowing families to honor their loved ones collectively.
Customized Memorials: Whether it’s a personalized headstone, a memorial tree, or a commemorative plaque, we work closely with families to create lasting tributes that reflect their unique stories.
Accessible Location: Our cemetery is conveniently located in Steelton, Pennsylvania, making it easy for family visits. The tranquil drive through the countryside offers a moment of reflection before arriving at our gates.

Choose William Howard Day Memorial Gardens—where compassion, history, and natural beauty intertwine, ensuring your loved ones find eternal peace.

Our Dedicated and Compassionate Staff

Matt Seyler

Cemetery Owner

Dustin Nispel

Family Service Counselor